I am now selling under the name Daisy Doodles.

I started a separate line of items under that name, and now feel that it will be easier to carry on under that name.

I have my own store too, feel free to drop by any time and check out all the new stuff :)



Thursday, 13 August 2009

New scripts in store

These are probably the last ones I’ll do, I hope you like them.

Jules Junk Ship

Jules Junk Whale

Jules Junk Anchor


Digicats said...

Your scripts ROCK! I'm like a script retard - seriously - I very rarely use them, but I got the dolphin script and your sunflower script and was really impressed by the easy of use and the quality of the product. (And the fact that they didn't take an hour to run on my computer.) I snagged your freebie flower one too and am using it in the kit I'm working on. I gotta get the rest of the beyond the reef collection.