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I started a separate line of items under that name, and now feel that it will be easier to carry on under that name.

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Sunday, 22 November 2009

An award from Annie :o)


I was given this award by Annie,

thanks so much for choosing my blog Annie!


Now I need to tell you 10 things about myself…errr

1. I’ve been married to my best friend John for 20 years :o)

2. We have a fantastic, thoughtful 18yr old son, Ben :o)

3. We have a cat named Billy, we did have 2, but my baby Loki was attacked and killed a few weeks back. That is really going to take some getting over. I miss him so much. :(

4. I live in England…yayyyy :)

5. I love PSP…who doesn’t? :)

6. in the time I’ve been messing with psp, I’ve done everything from tagging through to an html course to make a web site :)

7. I love reading…anything, polymer clay modelling and drawing.

8. I did a sign language course, which I LOVED

9. I have low self esteem and confidence, I’m the first one to pick fault with anything I do.

10. I love to smile and have a laugh. It’s been a tough life, but having so many people (real life and online friends) there for you does help, you all hold a special place in my life! You know who you are, and I THANK YOU so much! :o)


Now the 10 people, that I’ve chosen to pass this award onto.

Don’t forget to tell us about yourselves :o)


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